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Gross motor skills involve the large muscles of the body that enables such functions as walking, kicking, sitting upright, lifting, and throwing a ball. A person’s gross motor skills depend on both muscle tone and strength.

Autistic children generally do not enjoy playing sports, as it is very challenging for them.  This is generally the result of poor gross motor skills.  Children will greatly benefit by joining a non-competitive sports team, such as soccer, baseball or basketball.  Also, swimming is really beneficial as well.

Below are some therapy aids for  children with autism, many of which we found helpful for  our son:




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Bean Bags - Set of 4.

Have an old-fashioned bean bag toss with your child, while improving his/her gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination, all in one!

This can be played inside or outside.
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Bean Bags 1 thru 12

This is a fun way to work with your child on gross motor skills. Its also a great way to learn the numbers 1 through 12, while playing a game of catch, inside or outside.
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Bozo the Clown Blow up - 46"

Warm Fuzzy Toys Bozo the Clown Inflatable Toy. This is a fun way to have your child practice the motion of punching, so they understand the proper hand/arm movement.

It's also a wonderful way for your child to relieve stress.
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Geometric Bean Bag Toss Game

This is a fun way to work on Gross Motor skills, taking turn skills and learning shapes while playing the Geometric Bean Bag Toss Game.
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Geometric Shaped Bean Bags

This is a fun way to work with your child on Gross Motor skills and learning the basic shapes while playing the Geometric Bean Bag Toss Game, or just playing catch.
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