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Autism Untangled: Supporting Parents of Children with Autism with Products Specially Selected for Your Childs Development.

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ZOOB Building Toys


Building toys offer a fun way for children with autism to improve their dexterity and fine motor skills. Check out ZOOB, an affordable, moving, mind-building, plastic modeling system that helps children learn and explore using their imagination.

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We strive to provide toys and products to help you or your therapist work with your child.

We work diligently to keep our costs down to provide our customers the best pricing.

Welcome to, a site created to support the parents of children with autism!

Your child is unique and truly special. Because autism can be a lifelong challenge, it is vitally important that you provide the best environment, the best circumstances, and the best stimulation to ensure the best life for your child.

However, the prospect of raising a child with autism can be frightening, frustrating, and awkward. How are you supposed to deal with this? What’s going to help and what’s only going to make things worse? Trying to figure it all out on your own could yield only long trials and costly errors.

The first thing to realize is that you are not alone. We all want happy, healthy children who will play, laugh, have friends, and enjoy the full range of human experience. With your guidance and the support of the autism community, you can find all the right answers.

Mom and son playing with BlocksThis is where we come in. We are the parents of a son on the spectrum, and through Autism Untangled, we provide a range of affordable and useful products, such as toys and games for children with autism, to help make everyone's life easier and more fulfilling

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We are committed to providing people like you, the parents of children on the spectrum, with practical games and toys with your child in mind.

Because we are committed to the best practices, we also offer a complete line of autism products designed with your child’s unique needs in mind. Visit the products catalog to shop for autism products, toys, and games.

Many people on the autism spectrum have exceptional gifts despite (or perhaps because of) their more obvious challenges. With your help and encouragement, your child can learn what other people learn with little effort, and can use these skills to function more fully in society.

So for now, let's start at the beginning. What do you do when your child is first diagnosed—or, just as importantly, if your child was refused an autism diagnosis?


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